NASBP Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Limited-Edition Communication Pieces

Attendees at the NASBP 2017 Annual Meeting peruse the six-panel wall honoring the Association’s history

The National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2017. To illustrate the Association’s history while looking toward the future, NASBP produced a series of exciting communication pieces to share with the NASBP membership—including a commemorative brochure, an illuminated six-panel historical exhibit, and a special anniversary edition of Surety Bond Quarterly magazine.

Attendees at the NASBP 2017 Annual Meeting and 75th Anniversary Celebration, being held April 23-26 in Boca-Raton, Florida, will receive the full-color, 60-page commemorative brochure during registration.

“The brochure will provide a broad view of NASBP’s progress since its inception in 1942,” NASBP Past President Vince Como said of the publication, which streamlines the Association’s complex history through an engaging, visually compelling timeline. “It will be a valued keepsake.”

NASBP’s Diamond Anniversary commemorative brochure

Como, who now resides in Fairfield, Connecticut, served as NASBP president during the 1976 Annual Meeting, which was held at the Boca Raton Resort—the site of this year’s Annual Meeting.

“I am pleased that I will be able to join my bond producer friends at this exciting 75th Anniversary Meeting,” he said. “I am in awe of the steady and continued professional growth at NASBP.”

To make an additional impact during the Annual Meeting, NASBP created a glowing six-panel wall that honors the Association’s history in terms of growth, leadership, membership, and accomplishments since 1942. The exhibit also will be on display during NASBP’s fall regional meetings.

“NASBP would like to thank Members, Affiliates, Associates, past presidents, and friends, many of whom are retired but who still hold NASBP dear in their hearts, for their tremendous efforts in compiling archive materials for use in the brochure and display,” NASBP Director of Communications Kathy Hoffman said. “The Association extends a special thanks to those who shared materials from personal collections.”

“While searching through my old files and pictures, it struck me how far we have come in just the past 25 years—even in clothing and hairstyles,” NASBP Past President J. Spencer Miller, of NASBP member firm NFP in Chicago, Illinois, said. “I can’t wait to see the entire exhibit and brochure.”

To continue the momentum, NASBP’s Spring 2017 edition of Surety Bond Quarterly is dedicated to the milestone anniversary. The commemorative issue takes readers on a journey through the past and previews the future of the interwoven surety and construction industries.

Steve Halverson, Chair and CEO of the Haskell Company, one of the nation’s largest integrated design-build companies, compares his 1994 industry predictions to the present—some 23 years later. They’re remarkably on-point, so be sure to read his current predictions for insight into the future.

Through these communication pieces, NASBP invites the membership to reflect on the last 75 years and use that information to inspire the future of the industry.

What accomplishments and progress are you celebrating during this important NASBP anniversary, and what are your hopes for the future? Let us know by reaching out through email, NASBP TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.