Past Features

Thomas M. Padilla: Get to know NASBP’s 2014-2015 president

Thomas M. Padilla, senior vice president at HUB International Insurance Services, Albuquerque, New Mexico, learned from his parents at an early age that “everything you do should be about giving back and making a difference.” It’s a principle that has guided his life ever since and will shape his year as NASBP’s president. Born and raised in Santa Fe, New ...

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Strength in numbers: Harness the power of networking by putting others first

In this age of rapid-fire e-mailing, text messaging and social-media sharing, it’s never been as easy to keep in touch with the people who matter to us. But if you want to build your professional network and truly connect with people, an old-school approach that sets you apart is the way to go. Andrea Nierenberg, president of the New York-based ...

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Surety Bond Quarterly magazine launches July 2014!

NASBP is proud to present its official magazine, Surety Bond Quarterly, which will examine the companies, people, issues, actions and events that make the world of suretyship unique and dynamic. Subscriptions are free, and available in both print and digital formats. The premier issue, currently in production, will focus on conferences and meetings as catalysts for professional growth. From building connections, soaking in ...

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